About myFEA

   myFEA.org is the program information and registration website for the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Detailed information on the Foundation is available on the official EquestrianAthletes.org website.

   Described as a game-changer, the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes (FEA) is the result of years of exposure to the sport, abundant feedback from local, regional, national, & international events - including training, horse shows, industry-related meetings, as well as countless discussions with trainers, riders, officials, and support staff. Specific needs have been identified and while numerous entities, both for-profit and not-for-profit, address many of the needs at different levels, a few major issues remain to this day. FEA does not claim to be the ultimate answer to all, but it brings solutions that have been seldom offered with such a win-win structure.

   One of the biggest needs exposed was a platform that would allow anyone in the equestrian community to find some kind of support in the pursuit of their personal next level  - and that being done while supporting a good cause.

This is the reason myFEA.org was created!


What FEA is all about: